~Psalm 119:18~

Shalom, and welcome to Kingdom Parables.  This web site is dedicated to YHVH the God of Israel and Yeshua the Messiah, the son of God and God come in the flesh; the exalted redeemer of repentant men; the King of Kings forever be praised.

On this web site, the reader will find various teachings pertaining to the Kingdom of God.  We believe the God of Israel has blessed us with not only unique insights into His Word, but a unique way of sharing those insights with others.  Through graphic design and parable, we present these insights in the hope that they may prove of value to the reader in your search for Truth and a deeper understanding of the Word.

This site is under construction (very much under construction).  The section titled “Feasts Illustrated” is most complete with the teaching text and its accompanying graphics for the first four of the seven Feasts/Moadim of YHVH.  Additional teaching for the fifth feast, Yom T’ruah/The Feast of Trumpets, is in the works.  Regarding the last two feasts, Yom Kippur/Atonement and Succote/Booths, we have no teaching so these remain in the “Lord willing” bin.

“Covenant Mechanics” is our “flagship” teaching.  The material is prepared, but it needs to be formatted for the Web, and so is also “in the works.”

A new project we are excited about is called “Decoding Scripture”.  It is in its infancy.

To cut to the chase – check back with us on occasion, as there is much more to get on-line!

Peace and grace to you in the name of Yeshua; may YHVH the God of Israel bless you and his Holy Spirit guide you –

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  1. Did I find the right sight? =)
    Hoping you had a safe trip home, and that you have a lovely week!

    • kingdp says:

      Yes, you did. We are up and running. This is last year’s teaching on the bikkurim. We need a little time to get this years teaching up, so check back soon. In the mean time you might enjoy the parables and all the feast teaching he has on here so far. Our trip went well. Thanks. Shalom Aleichem!

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