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My wife and I spent many years in the realm of Christianity.  We were born of the Spirit, and desired and pursued holy living.  We loved studying the Scriptures, and found ourselves in teaching positions at churches where we attended.

However…leading up to 2004, a change started taking place.  My wife was questioning and investigating the origins of the Christian holidays of christmas and easter, while at the same time I was struggling with an undefined discontent regarding the holidays and sensed, regarding our church experience, that the cistern from which we were drinking was “running dry”.

The end result was the discovery and institution of the biblical Feasts of YHVH [Leviticus 23], and our entry into what I will title the “Messianic, Torah-observant, Hebrew roots movement”.  An intensive investigation into the “Law” and what it means ensued.

However, not long into this new understanding and lifestyle, it became clear to us that this new religious community was plagued by the same problems that plagued Christianity.  Although we knew that the changes we made caused us to walk more closely with the Lord, we also became keenly aware that there was also a whole new set of spiritual pitfalls and bad teaching that would have to be sorted through meticulously.  If one has one’s eyes opened and departs from one faulty religious system only to be ensnared in another, there is no net gain.

These problems encouraged us to abandon popular “Torah teaching” and messianic clichés and drove us into deeper study seeking Truth.  The articles featured on this web site are the fruits of that labor.

We continue challenging even our own beliefs.  One thing we’ve learned – a believer not willing to challenge their own beliefs is ripe for deception.

May the Holy Spirit open our blinded eyes and lead us into all Truth –

Peace, Grace and Life in Yeshua to you and your household,

Thane and Janet Langille

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  1. Kevin says:


    Jason was showing me your site. Didn’t know you had one! Very nice.


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